Youth of Grace

   The Youth of Grace (YoG) is a ministry that
EMBRACES students where they are, EXPOSES them to a relationship with Jesus Christ, ENCOURAGES them towards maturity in their faith, and EQUIPS them to give their lives away for the sake of the Gospel.

   We value the importance of relational ministry above all other programming.  Despite our entertainment saturated culture, we are not here simply to entertain youth.  Interpersonal relationships are a valuable context for change in a person's life.  We desire to partner with parents in teaching the Scriptures and leading godly lives that ultimately shows teens the greatness of God and the love that HE has for us in Jesus. 

Youth of Grace

  • session game
  • hiiye - yaaa!
  • pizza at the flory's barn
  • relationship session with the Mayo's
  • "lean on me"

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J-Term '13 - Parenting Teenagers

YoG Ministry Staff

Director of Youth Ministries:
Tyler Clements

YoG Middle School Coordinator:
Ryan Randolph